Class 1 Curriculum

2020-21 Autumn Spring Summer
Science    Seasonal Changes Autumn/Winter Scientists and Inventors   Seasonal Changes Spring/Summer  
History British Seaside         Castles and Knights
Geography   Our Country   Our School    
ICT   We are researchers We are painters We are photographers   We are zoologists
DT Fabric bunting /Sewing   Moving pictures   Cooking and Nutrition  
Art       Portraits   Observational drawings of Insects
Music Music express Nativity Nursery Rhymes Music express Singing Music express
RE What does it mean to belong to a Faith Community?  Why does Christmas matter? What is the good news Jesus brings?   What makes some places sacred?  
PE Dance 1 Dance 2 Gym – movement and balance Gym – apparatus  Games Sports day practise


2021-22 Autumn Spring Summer
Science   Animals including Humans      Marvellous Materials   Plants  
History   The Great Fire of London         The First Flight
Geography     Poles Apart   Up, Up and Away  
ICT  We are Zoologists  We are Celebrating     We are Detectives     We are collectors
DT   Cooking and nutrition Puppets and textiles     Design and make an aeroplane
Art Drawing and Lowry     Henri Matisse  Van Gogh’s Sunflowers  
Music  Music Express Nativity    Music Express Nursery rhymes    Music Express Singing
RE  Which stories are special and why? Why do Christians perform Nativity plays at Christmas? What are special places and why? Why do Christians put a Cross in an Easter garden?  Why is the word God important to Christians?  What is special about our world?
PE  Dance 1 Dance 2 Gym – movement and balance Gym – apparatus  Games  Sports day Practise