Class 2 – Work Examples

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Information about return to school after the summer holiday


For this week’s homework, see Class Dojo.


This week, homework will be put on here and on Class Dojo. From next Friday, I will only be putting spellings and homework on Class Dojo, so please make sure you have signed up using the code your child brought home.

Year 1: practise writing and spelling numbers up to and including 20. How many tens are there? How many ones?

Year 2: Practise your column addition and subtraction. Try to at least 10 of each. Use numbers up to 999.


Blue: phone, prophet, orphan, alphabet, dolphin, phonics, graph, Phil, phantom, telephone

Green: tied, relied, cried, lies, belief, brief, shield, priest, field, chief

Red: chair, hair, fair, pair, lair, fairy, stairs, lair

Gold: moth , thick, thin, hang, song, king


I will put homework on here and on our new platform Class Dojo for the next 2 weeks to enable everyone to get the hang of the new system. Don’t worry. It seems easy so far! Your child should have brought home a letter with their personal login details on. 

Artistic talent and creativity alert! On 5th November, it was Bonfire Night when we remember Guy Fawkes trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament and the King. Make a picture about fireworks and find out a little bit more about the history of why we have fireworks each year on this night.

BLUE: when, what, why, wheel, whisker, white, went, wax, winner, wing
GREEN: feather, deaf, bread, ready, breakfast, heaven, steamy, repeat, seaside, teapot
RED: cart, star, art, park, shark, jar, card, hard
GOLD: chop, chin, much, shed, fish, shop


Year 1: Create a repeating pattern using 2D or 3D shapes. It could involve changes of colour, size or shape. Get someone to continue your pattern and explain it.

Year 2: Practise subtraction from multiples of 100 e.g. 300-145=, 900-34= etc. Remember to knock next door to see if you can borrow! 


Blue: true, clue, glue, blue,Tuesday, argue, statue, value

Green: tuba, joyful, unicorn, stupid, future, cushion, brush, pudding, human, music

Red: boot, zoom, food , hoof, book, wood, good, cooking

Gold: quick, quiz, quit, quack, quill, quid

16.10.20 Not really homework but a bit of fun!

We have been learning the story of The Princess and the Rainbow orally and with actions this week in class, with the aim of using this oral retelling to aid our writing after the break. It would be lovely for your child to share this story (along with the actions) with you. They have brought home a story map to help them remember the story and show you what we have been up to. There is a video version of our story on the school Facebook page too for you to enjoy.


Blue: shawl, laws, paw, lawn, claws, saw, yawn, straw

Green: once, come, Monday, don’t, who, only, so, some, goes, November

Red: down, cow, town,owl, now, howl, towel, pow!

Gold: zip, buzz, yell, zigzag, yes, yum-yum

9.10.20 Homework ( If you want me to see the homework your child has done this half term, please return their Homework book alongside the books we sent home on Friday. They are due in school on Thursday 15th October.)

Write a description of your favourite animal. It could be a family pet or an animal you’d like to have! Use lots of interesting adjectives in your sentences.


Blue: praying, Saturday, crayon, stay, clay, Monday, away, Thursday

Green: she,, demon, letter, penny,,, frequent, being, Venus, getting, secret, spelling

Red: coin,foil, oil, soil, join, boil

Gold: wax, vet, jug, six, win

2.10.20 Homework

Year 1: Subtraction. We have practised counting on from the smallest number. Subtraction on a numberlinf

Year 2: We are looking at animal and human lifecycles. Please can your child bring in a photo of themselves when they were a baby. We will be putting these on a Guess Who? display in class. Please talk to your child about how they have changed since they were a baby: growth, skills, food etc.


Blue: destroy, enjoy, oyster, toys, royal, boy, ahoy, annoy

Green: angel, after, what, father, squad, bacon, apple, Saturday, acorn, was

Red: boat, loaf, goat, oak, soap, toad

Gold: sock, rug, pen, dot, net

25.9.20 Homework

This week in English we have been practising using conjunctions to add extra information to sentences. Ask your child to write some sentences showing they know how to sandwich conjunctions between 2 bits of information.

Year 1: conjunctions and, but, or

Year 2:conjunctions when, if, because, so


Blue: birthday, first, third, girl, sir, skirt, twirl, bird

Green: crumbly, crystal, cry, dry, Egypt, very, happy, funny, yellow, mystery

Red: light, night, tight, fight, sigh, high

Gold: hop, hum, bed, bus, bat

21.9.20 Homework

Sorry there has been a delay in providing homework this week as I was out of action all weekend. There will just be spellings this week.

Blue Stars: tried, cried, tie, lies, spied, skies,, dries, flies

Green Stars: church, children, chemist,, chorus, chaos, Christmas, parachute, chef,, machine, school

Red Stars: wait, pain,aim, sail, main, rain

Gold Stars: sick, neck, rip, ten, cup

11.9.20 Homework

We have been looking at word types in English this week, especially adjectives. Follow the link below for a short video and activities about them.

If you want a bit extra, look at the nouns link on the above website!


Red: chips, chill, such, itch, munch, ouch

Green: giraffe, gym, gentle, giant, magic, gems, gigantic, jelly, injured, justice

Gold: kit, cog, odd, nag, pad

Blue: steam, treat, meat, lead, bead, heap


4.9.20: Homework. We have sent books home to do homework in but we are not expecting them to come back into school at the moment. Use them if you need to do your child’s homework in each week.

ALL: Children will need to bring their favorite cuddly toy in on Friday please.

Year 1: Practise writing the numbers from 0 to 10. Make sure they are the right way round!

Year 2: Talk about your route to school. Where do you live? What do you pass on the way to school? How do you travel to school? Where do you come into Thurlaston?

Spellings:  There will be a little test next Friday. Your child should have brought a slip home today with their spelling group on.

Red: quick, quiz, quit, quack, queen, quill

Green: face, nice, space, mice, city, race, cycle, cube, comb, cake

Gold: sad, dip, tan, nap, mat

Blue: scout, cloud,found, loud, mouth,about, out, shout