Class 4 – Work Samples

Homework has been posted on Class Dojo.  Children have all been given letters with individual logins.  If you need another letter, please let me know.

Many thanks,

Miss Bowman

Class 4 homework 10th November 2020

  1. Create a wordsearch using your spelling words
  2. Reading logs – 100 minutes or 100 pages please
  3. Complete the Pudsy Bear colouring sheets. This needs to be brought into school to enter the competition.  We will send these home with the children on Friday.  

Class 4 homework 3rd November 2020

  1. Write your spellings words five times each using different colours. 
  2. Reading logs – 100 minutes or 100 pages please
  3. We have been considering democracy and monarchy in ancient Greece.  Find out answers to these following questions about democracy in the UK: Who can vote in the UK and how often do elections take place?  Where do our MPs go to make our laws?  Which political parties are represented in parliament in the UK?  What is different about the democracy we learned about in Ancient Greece and the UK in the present day?  Which system do you think is better and why?

Spelling lists – Autumn 2020