Class 4 – Work Samples

The children will be bringing home their school books on Friday 9th October for them to share with you in preparation for parents’ evening.  Please send them back on Thursday 15th October with their homework books.  No homework will be set over half term, so I will use this opportunity to look at their completed homework.  

Class 4 homework 9th October 2020

  1. Write a sentence for each of your spelling words, with the word used (and spelt) appropriately in the sentence.  
  2. We have been designing Greek vases this week and after half term we will be studying the Ancient Greeks.  Find out 5 facts about the Ancient Greek civilization. 
  3. Reading logs – aim for 100!

Spelling lists – Autumn 2020

Class 4 homework 2nd October 2020

  1. Create a word search with your spelling words
  2. We have been learning about cryptography this week.  Go on this website to create a cipher and a secret message!  Ciphers activity  ( 
  3. Reading logs – aim for 100!

Class 4 homework 25th September 2020

  1. Write your spelling words with rainbow colours in the shape of a rainbow.  
  2. Next week, in our unit of work on biographies, the children will be writing a biography about a person of their own choice.  For homework, I’d like them to do some pre-research.  Decide whose life you would like to write about and research 5 facts about this person.  Try and make them interesting!  
  3. Reading logs

Class 4 homework 18th September 2020

  1. This week’s spellings are all from the root words adore, apply and consider.  Please look up the meaning of these three words on the internet and write a definition.  Then write the words that are derived from them underneath in different colours.  
  2. We are learning about Roald Dahl for our English work on biographies.  Please read the extract and answer the questions.  (Answers are provided for you to mark).  The sweet shop homework and answers
  3. Reading logs

Class 4 homework 11th September 2020

  1. This week’s spellings all have silent letters as well!  Write each word one time, colour the silent letter in another colour and draw a picture to show what the word means.
  2. Read 2 pages in your reading book.  As you are reading make a note of all the proper nouns (names of people and places – these need capital letters), common nouns (everyday things) and abstract nouns (ideas and feelings e.g. love, freedom, courage etc.)   
  3. Reading logs