Class 4 – Curriculum


2019-20 Autumn Spring Summer
Science   Light Forces  Animals including Humans  Evolution and Inheritance Electricity    
History Local History- Battle of Bosworth-Tudors   Mayan Civilization      
Geography  Geography of Thurlaston including Counties   A place in North or South America      
ICT We are App Planners We are Project Managers We are Market Researchers We are interface Designers We are App Developers We are Marketers
DT (Residential)


Pulleys  Cooking to Design   Motors  Computer Control
Music Music Express Book 5 Ukulele   Music Express Book 5 Ukulele   Songs for the Show  
RE What does it mean if God is holy and loving? How far does following God bring freedom and justice? What matters most to Christians and Humanists? Cont…. Was Jesus the messiah? What do religions say to us when life gets hard?
PE Invasion Games Y5
OAA Unit 3 Y5
Dance Unit 5 Y5
Gym Y6
Net wall games Y5
Athletics Folder
2020-21 Autumn Spring Summer
Science  Properties and Changes of materials   Earth and Space    ClassificationLife Cycles  
History  Ancient Greeks   Vikings      
Geography  Mountain Environments    Water, Rivers and Coasts      
ICT We are game developers We are cryptographers We are artists We are web developers We are bloggers We are architects
DT  Pulleys    Cooking to live    Cams  
Music  Music Express    Music Express    Songs for the Show  
RE  Why do some people think God exists? Creation and science: competing or complementary? What is the kingdom of God? or

What would Jesus do?

What did Jesus do to save human beings? What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today? Cont…
PE  Invasion Games Y6
OAA Unit 3 Y6
 Dance Unit 5 Y6
Gym Y6
 Net wall games Y6
Athletics Folder